The guarantee for the Parla parquet covers the structure and surface treatment of the parquet for ten years when the parquet is installed in a normal residential building for private use. The validity of the guarantee requires that the parquet has been installed and cared for according to Parla parquet installation and care instructions.

The installation and care instructions and the terms of this guarantee are provided in Parla website. The Parla parquet guarantee does not cover the Outlet quality parquet and any other batches that have been separately defined as invalid for the guarantee. The Parla parquet guarantee only covers materials and manufacturing flaws and the durability of the surface treatment for ten years when the parquet has been installed for private use and the installation and care instructions adhered to. Dents, scratches and other blemishes as a result of use are not included in the guarantee. Faults that result from installation inaccuracies are not included in the guarantee of Parla Floor Oy. Clearly faulty boards must not be installed. Faulty boards will be changed for faultless boards without charge. Parla Floor Oy reserves the right to fix, to have fixed by a third party or to change a faulty floor. The guarantee will compensate for the value of the flooring materials and repair costs agreed separately in writing before the beginning of the reparation work. The guarantee does not cover any indirect costs. If the flooring material is changed, the previously-installed floorings will be returned to the manufacturer in the manner stipulated by the manufacturer. Any demands for indirect damages are not included in the guarantee.

The Parla parquet structure guarantee is valid for ten years starting from the date of purchase. By filling in the Warranty Form, the customer confirms their acceptance of the terms of warranty; and in case of damage at any time during the warranty period, starting from the day of the purchase, the customer is entitled to compensation. The guarantee given by Parla Floor Oy does not affect the consumer’s lawful rights.