Timberwise Oy makes official takeover of Parla Floor on 18 November 2019

Mikkeli-based OR-Group has officially handed over Parla Floor to Timberwise on 18 November 2019 in Mikkeli, Finland. The acquisition was signed on 28 October 2019. The acquisition makes Timberwise the only Finnish manufacturer to produce wooden flooring made from start to finish in Finland. Production will continue in Mikkeli and Loimaa. The combined production capacity of the factories will increase by nearly EUR 1 million m2 /year. Timberwise currently employs a total of 75 people.

For some time, the Finnish wood processing industry has displayed a trend of either transferring production abroad or ceasing production altogether. Timberwise has always strived to go against this current by for example investing in automation and machinery and focusing on product development. Since acquiring Mikkeli-based Parla, the direction is now also upstream, geographically speaking as well. Parla Floor machinery and equipment allows Timberwise to serve an increasingly extensive customer base and cater for a wider range of product lines and needs in the future. This means Finns will be able to continue to purchase high-quality, Finnish-made Parla wooden flooring valued by professionals and suitable for exacting Nordic conditions. Timberwise will be developing the product’s technical features in the coming years.

Family Räsänen has a solid legacy spanning almost half a century in producing wooden flooring. While Timberwise has mainly focused on 1-strip flooring, Parla’s main focus has been on 3-strip flooring. In its heyday, a total of 700,000 square metres of wooden flooring would be leaving Mikkeli for other parts of the country and around the world each year. Timberwise values Parla’s longstanding history and expertise in wood processing and wooden floor manufacture. Along with the acquisition, Olavi Räsänen Oy / OR-Group will focus on other Group operations.

For two decades, Timberwise has focused on the manufacture and quality development of single-strip wooden flooring, creating a brand in the process renowned around the world for its premium, Finnish-made products. A high degree of automation combined with traditional craftmanship plays a key role in the company maintaining its competitive edge and ensuring production remains in Finland.  These same methods will be applied also in Mikkeli in the future.

Timberwise had a turnover of over EUR 12 million in the last financial year. The target is to increase the combined turnover to exceed EUR 20 million next year. Exports have accounted for more than 50 per cent of Timberwise’s production, and the goal is to maintain at least the same level also after the merger. Timberwise wooden flooring is now available on all continents, with Asia and Scandinavia as the main export markets.

Whether manufactured in Mikkeli or Loimaa, Timberwise wooden flooring is always genuine wood throughout, which feels warm and pleasant under feet of all sizes.

Kuvassa OR-Groupin Raimo Räsänen (vasemmalla) arvosti Timberwisen päätöstä jatkaa Parlan tuotantoa Mikkelissä. Timberwisen Markku Mäkitalo (oikealla) kiitti Räsäsen perhettä luottamuksesta, jonka pohjalta liiketoimintakauppa saatiin yhteistyöllä ”maaliin” muutamassa kuukaudessa. 

22.11. 2019