Timberwise announcement on future operations and the COVID-19 virus

Timberwise is able to continue its activities in line with measures required by the COVID-19 virus, ensuring the health of its employees by closely following the advice and instructions of authorities.

We have anticipated possible changes to our raw material acquisitions and increased our stock to ensure continued production and adherence to our regular delivery times of 3–4 weeks also in the future. We are taking all precautionary measures and continue to closely monitor the situation and official regulations, adhering to them responsibly whilst ensuring the health and wellbeing of our employees.

Our production personnel is automatically working at a safe distance from each other, and any breaks are taken in turns to ensure a limited number of people in breakrooms at the same time. We have paid increased attention to hand and coughing hygiene as well as the wiping down of surfaces, and our employees will continue to wear protective gloves while working. Our administrative personnel will mainly serve you remotely and are only an email or phone call away. Our warehouse and dispatch centre will continue in operation, ensuring our products are shipped as usual.

In order to continue our activities and contribute to Finnish industry, we will need your help in the form of orders. Since honestly said without the orders the machines will stop, and shutting down the factory is not a simple or quickly done process. So if this exceptional time makes it possible for you to renovate your home, we in Timberwise are more than happy to deliver you quality wooden floors.

19.03. 2020