Quality from Finland

When Parla’s founder Olavi Räsänen started manufacturing parquet floorings in Mikkeli, Finland, in 1963, he relied on the beauty of wood as an interior material and superior workmanship.

Interior designers in Finland and abroad value highquality products and unique designs. Finnish timber processing skills are appreciated across the world. Wood itself appeals to people as a unique and real material, which we refine into modern floors through exquisite workmanship.

Our values stem from an ethnical code of conduct and ecological ways of working. We manufacture highquality products the design of which will stand the test of time. We promote Finnish workmanship and design by cherishing its traditions refined over the decades.

By selecting Parla, you will have a piece of this valued workmanship in your home. We hope that you will enjoy your floor – greetings from the Parla Factory in Mikkeli!